Who We Are

At Terra Prima we are committed to serving commercial and residential clients in the coastal area of Orange County, CA. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we are qualified to handle your landscaping project from concept building to completion.

What We Do

Our deep understanding of the harmony of space and materials combined with our family-friendly designs enable us to create landscapes that you and your loved ones can enjoy. Additionally, we can utilize our extensive knowledge in the industry to enhance the look and feel of commercial lawns.

Our Approach to Landscaping

Terra prima is an Italian phrase that roughly translates to “Earth first”—our approach in everything we do. Additionally, we believe that each client we work with has a unique and specific set of needs. In turn, every project that we handle requires a one-of-a-kind solution.

Design Process

Starting from the construction phase to completion of the project, we take various measures to ensure that we can deliver impressive results. We do this by utilizing the latest building techniques, purchasing stellar-quality materials, and leveraging leading-edge technologies available on the market.
Our team strives to uphold our commitment to earth-friendly practices by minimizing waste on the job site and recommending the use of LED light fixtures. We reduce water usage by installing smart controllers and switching to lower water-use plants.

Landscape Design

Our team creates family-friendly landscape designs in every landscaping job, we consider the needs of each member of your family. Additionally, we keep in mind the accessibility of each structure we build. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your project.
We pay the utmost attention to architectural detail when coming up with innovative concepts for your landscape. We aim to create attractive and functional designs that put a premium on flow as well as on consideration to preexisting elements.

A Project From Start To Finish

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